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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the Way to CHICAGO

Hi Everyone ! On my way to Chicago for eBay LIVE! my very first one. sitting in the Denver airport ready to board! Promise to check in as often as possible! Post your questions for eBay people and I'll do my best to get an answer while I'm here. I'm pretty good at interrogating folks!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just time for a smile :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Holy Food?

What is it with Selling FOOD on eBay that supposedly has a likeness of the Virgin Mary? one of the first wildly notorious eBay auctions was the Grilled Cheese Madonna - remember that one? sold to for $28,000 by a seller from Ft. Lauderdale FL! This week it was a pretzel said to resemble the Virgin Mary with child. That one got over $10 million before it was pulled. So, before you throw those peanuts, pretzels or whatever into your mouth and start chewing - really LOOK at your food! I'm seeing visions already! Check out my photos to see the real items that sold. Kat

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leopard Print Pajamas anyone?

I now have a truckload, and I mean a TRUCKLOAD of Pajamas for sale. All Leopard Print and in ALL sizes. From 3 - 6 months infants to XL Mom's. These are great PJs and very comfy. So check 'em out . . . .even have baby blankets!

And Check out the Information on these! Mama's Pajamas Brand.

What are Mama's Pajamas?

Mama's Pajamas are a learning tool developed by a mom for other moms. While breastfeedign our daughter, Claire, I noticed that, aside from her occasional glances up at me, her only view was of my pajamas. Already knowing the benefits of breast feeding and the benefits of visual stimulation on infants. I decided to combine the two. I took the idea of "Smart Toys" one step further and made a pair of pajamas out of fabric with a bold pattern in primary colors. Our daughter immediately noticed the designs and seemed more content to nurse and cuddle with me. I wanted all moms to share in my discovery, so "Mama's Pajamas" were born! They are available in both Nursing and non-Nursing, perfect for every mom! Mama's Pajamas are pajamas with purpose!

Friday, February 15, 2008

eBay Selling and Leathercraft

I love selling on eBay for so many reasons! I am always researching new stuff and learning about new people and new things. This week I had a bunch of vintage leather craft booklets and etc to list. they are really cool looking and almost makes me want to take up working with leather. Anyway, here is some of the information my research turned up. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The information below is from Wikipedia:

Al Stohlman (August 15, 1919 – March 6, 1998) was a leatherworker and author of numerous books on the art of leather crafting, including books on hand sewing, embossing, carving, and saddle making.

His wife Ann (June 30, 1924 – June 10, 2004) was a collaborator on many of his books, as well as a collaborator on the leather projects used to illustrate the books. They lived on a ranch in Canada and wrote many of the instruction books still used today to teach people to work with leather.

Al Stohlman began working with leather during World War II while stationed in the Pacific. He and his friends made their own punching and carving tools from nails. Many years later, Al set up his own line of tools; 'Al Stohlman brand' leatherworking tools and hardware are still available from leather supply stores.

Some of the Stohlmans' work is memorialized at the Tandy Leather "Al Stohlman Museum" in Fort Worth, Texas

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Humiliated Cats!

Whether you are a Kat lover or a Cat hater - you will Laugh Out Loud at this page. It's by my friend Susan and she has found some of the BEST and silliest Videos and Photos of Cats available anywhere! So fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wii Wants to play NOW!

Okay, so I thought the Wii was just another video game in a long line of video games in this house. Well, it's not! With four sons and a daughter who loves VG (Video Games) we've had these around for YEARS! I'm talking ATARI, okay? But this Wii - well, even this mom thinks it's way cool! The first time I got to watch someone play (you don't think _I'm_ gonna take this on at my advanced age, did ya?) I laughed so hard I spilled my drink! We were at a friend's house and they set up the Wii for Jonathan (17) and Kirk (then 15) to play. They decided to BOX each other. It was SO realistic, they were both winded and sweating when the bout ended! And to watch them 'punching' and 'dodging' well, ya just had to be there!

So, anyway, I found this great wholesale deal on these Wii Launch Kits - really neat. Has two gloves for the controllers, a Limited Edition Wii Baseball cap, a big plastic organizer/storage thing and on top of all that you get a 12 month subscription to GamePro Magazine and a trial subscription to GameFly (where you rent Video games like at NetFlix you rent movies). So, Retail on these was $34.99 and I have them on eBay for $9.99! So check it out

thanks for playin'