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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leopard Print Pajamas anyone?

I now have a truckload, and I mean a TRUCKLOAD of Pajamas for sale. All Leopard Print and in ALL sizes. From 3 - 6 months infants to XL Mom's. These are great PJs and very comfy. So check 'em out . . . .even have baby blankets!

And Check out the Information on these! Mama's Pajamas Brand.

What are Mama's Pajamas?

Mama's Pajamas are a learning tool developed by a mom for other moms. While breastfeedign our daughter, Claire, I noticed that, aside from her occasional glances up at me, her only view was of my pajamas. Already knowing the benefits of breast feeding and the benefits of visual stimulation on infants. I decided to combine the two. I took the idea of "Smart Toys" one step further and made a pair of pajamas out of fabric with a bold pattern in primary colors. Our daughter immediately noticed the designs and seemed more content to nurse and cuddle with me. I wanted all moms to share in my discovery, so "Mama's Pajamas" were born! They are available in both Nursing and non-Nursing, perfect for every mom! Mama's Pajamas are pajamas with purpose!

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